Alphons Mucha

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I decided to do a series of portraits of artists that I admire and who have had an influence on me. This is the second image of "Artist who inspire me" series. I wanted to explore a technique I saw C.F.Payne use , although, for some reason, I ended up adding more pigments than he does. I find it helpful when the artist shares their tricks of the trade. The big takeaway from his talk is to use the ULTRA Matte Medium, not just the regular one as it has more "tooth" on the paper and can take the pencils better. It is had to find in stores so go directly online. Here is one link:

Alphons Mucha has always had a great impression on me. I had the privilege to visit Prague in 2018 and see his frescos and large Slavic Epic canvases.Here is a good link to most of his work:

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