Nicolas Uribe, a modern Master

If you want to learn how to paint you can learn from a modern master for FREE on YouTube.

Nicolas is generous and thoughtful, full of really great information, and insight for artists of every level. He is very smart. He moved to Colombia where the cost of living is much lower than in the US and thus able to make the money stretch. That being said, he works more than any artist I know. He makes a painting a day and Dani, his partner, makes the videos you see on YouTube. He sells his work at very affordable prices, but in doing so, he almost guarantees that he will sell them all. He is all about the process and the pure joy of painting and that is why I love him.

Pro tip: If you want to own one of his stunning pieces you must go to

at exactly 7:30AM to place your bid. They normally sell out within seconds. It took me several times.

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