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How to make a living of art? First, I had to realize that I am a business. The problem with every business is to first get noticed, and as an artist it seems to be harder than most. If you go to DeviantArt, for instance, there a a million artist posting their work and you get downed out. A website is good, but people need to hear about you, and then there is the "what exactly does he do?" question. In other words, what value can your business contribute to the client. This is something that I have been pondering. I once got a great piece of advice when I asked my teacher what I should paint and he told me:

"Paint that which you wish existed but does not".

This invaluable comment has stayed with me and has become my motto.

I paint colorful pictures to brighten my day and I love when people find beauty in the same things I do.

Here is a new place you can find my work:

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