The Tramp

This has always been one of my favorite watercolors from John Singer Sargent. I was reflecting on it and I think that not only is he showing us his mastery of the medium of watercolor, but we also know that he only did these for pleasure and this person does not seem to be an aristocrat that was going to pay him to paint his majestic portrait, but rather someone Sargent just found fascinating and wanted to paint. There are no preliminary drawings on the original so he went it will paint and all the confidence in the world. I love that he does not define the beard and that we can feel him sitting back in a comfortable looking room with this warm light illuminating his face. Also, of note, is his use of blues and purples to balance out that warm face and background. Some people do not realize that he is holding a cane, and this also adds a bit of mystery. Who was this man?


My Master copy is available for $600

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